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Bottom View showing simple carbon sub frame and servo linkages. Note the unusual control rods that reach to the rear of both elevons and use flexible tubing for joints. Look at side view to see the .long servo arms Notice that the elevons are a large percentage of the wing area for maximum control. The stiff airframe and tight controls means absolutely no flex induced "Tuck" even in a power dive.


Side View showing rudder and elevon linkage,. Enlarge to see long servo arms and unique attachment to elevons. The result is less flex and slop for these huge control surfaces. Also notice the landing gear is attached with shock absorbing strut. A soft tube connection lets the gear flex rearward on impact.


Ready for takeoff,... Front view shows clean simple construction. The featherweight landing gear weighs only 4 grams with wheels while giving a wide stable stance. Low frontal area compared to regular planes.


Click to see large picture. This is the worn and battered prototype after many encounters with trees, walls and ground. The Bug can take tremendous abuse with only a few grass stains to show for it. The closest thing yet to a "Nerf" plane. A bad crash is when you have to walk over and flip it right side up before taking off again!


EPP foam sheets come with the parts pre-cut and ready for assembly. A simple elegant design ideal for new builders. No sanding,.. No covering,.. No thread wrapping joints. All carbon rods are pre- cut and use flexible corner joints,  You can assemble the entire plane with foam glue or hot-melt glue, and CA.

Customer Testimonials

These are just a few select unsolicited testimonials that have been posted on the RC forum groups or received via email, that we feel sum up the Lightflite "Bug" experience...

We met at the NEAT Fair where I purchased a "Bug". Being a relative beginner, and never having flown anything with Elevons before, I was somewhat apprehensive.  But not only did I catch on almost immediately, and had a blast flying, but the advanced pilots tried it and loved it as well!  A truly great addition to any RC plane collection!!  Thanks.
Gerry    10/07/09 email


I have owned a classic 23" Bug for 12 months, and have used it up total. It is 33%EPP  33%Epoxy  33% Craft Glue.  Best investment I ever made.  Never had $160 bring me so much fun.  Lucky for me; I bought another (as a back-up) when I understood the intense need - to never be without one.
As I will be retiring the original, I will need another back-up.
Keep in mind, I am 64 years old, and know the value of money well spent - I really love that BUG !
If the Bug were priced accordingly as to durability and fun delivered; they would cost approx. $840.00.
Larry in Michigan 9/2009 email

I just purchased a regular Bug, built it, flying it, and love it to death. I have been flying for around 25 years. I've flown aerobatics, 3D, pattern, EDFs, gas ducted fans, pylon,etc...the list goes on. I must say the Bug is a definite favorite. For the cost to fun factor, the ratio is 4 parts fun to 1 part cost. Even a very good flying buddy has had some stick time with my Bug. He's sold too! He has about 40+ years of flying experience under his belt and thinks the same about the plane. Great job and looking forward to the mini and micro bugs. Nguyen Le Nguyen 12/18/2007 email

Hi Ron, Well I have flown the bug for over a month now and it is going strong after a few hard hits with no damage. Probably more than a few hits. I just want to tell you that it is everything you said it is and the most fun thing to fly I have. I was going to buy a kit for a spare but this one is so survivable I don't think I need to. Thanks for the fun machine and all the help and patience while I was getting it ready. Thanks again Ron, Mike 7/30/07 email

Hi Ron, I took the Bug out for its maiden flight at noon today. FUN!!! It flew
beautifully, controlled well, and pampered my flying skills. In fact it
handled so reliably that I was exercising the envelope almost immediately -
loops, rolls, hang-on-the prop, touch & go ....Control was smooth, without getting squirelly at any part of the range of motion.
Nice kit. Your instructions were easy to follow. Thanks for an enjoyable build and a FUN maiden flight!!! Regards, Dave 12-15-06 email

"I have been out of RC for a few years, and I must say this plane really amazes me every time I fly it. The envelope is un-believable...slow flight up through incredible aerobatics." etzz

"Needless to say, in about 20 minutes, I'd hit every fence, the house, one tree, and planted the Bug several times into the turf. Not one scratch on her! Absolutely the most rugged thing I've flown. Roll rate is terrific, even at super slow speeds. Only looped her twice, but it was tight and quick. The landing gear engineering is ingenious, and takes a full nosedown impact without damage. I'm thrilled so far. I'll be ordering another kit or two for my buddies, so we can fill the air with Bugs." MKH

"You'll love it! Can't believe how well it flys in wind. It's insane on 3S 620s, straight up till it specs out. Am surprised we don't hear more of the Bug". Pete.

"I wanted to reserve my opinion on the bug until several flights were made. This little plane is such a smooth flyer and its rudder authority allows
manuvering beyond its competition. This plane even allows slow flight in my smallish yard that hosts several trees. Allowed to "open up" it scoots
along pretty well and I use only 2 cell lipos. This is certainly not my first plane but it would have made a great choice. Lou M 1-21-07 email

What a plane to learn inverted and other tricks. Instead of crash and fix, it's bounce and fly (even on concrete). I would have lost too many hours to count in repairs if I had learned flying inverted with any other plane. Wayne 2-6-07 email

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Bug Flying Videos


Official RC Groups video of the bug demo at the N.E.A.T. Fair 2006

Click for Movie  N.E.A.T. Fair 2006 - 6.9MB

These were shot on a breezy day but you can still see the extreme agility.

Click for Movie  Check out the cool landing at the end! - 16.9MB

Click for Movie  See high alpha, inverted, and loops! - 10.9MB

CLICK for MOVIE of the NEW "17in. MINI Bug" maiden flight...coming March 07!

Click for Movie of the experimental prototype flight of the "MICRO BUG" using the complete brushless Microbatics power system!

Micro Bug specs: 41 grams all up, 12 inch wing span, 3 Lightning servos, 59 grams of thrust with a GWS 6x3 prop and 1 Li-Po cell...will fly in excess of 10 minutes...coming soon? :) Indeed aerobatic and certainly FUN, but needs to fly a bit faster than the bigger "BUG". Other than that, it kind of "feels" very similiar in the air.


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