This is the new "BUG" landing gear mod

As of 4/6/08 this is now supplied with the "BUG" kit. This info updates the existing builders manual.

This mod can be retrofitted to any existing "BUG" It will relieve any stress to the fuselage when landing and/or repair your worn tubing suspension if needed.

You will need an overall 6 1/4" length of .039 wire with a 3/4" 90 degree bend at one end, and 1" of .033 wire to be used as a filler when both wires are inserted into the black tubing used at the axle center. The styrene plates are glued to the fuselage sides and an appropriate size hole is drilled to insert the suspension wire (right where the old LG strut would have been located, just make a location mark before you glue the styrene plates on) then it is captured by a short length of the clear tubing. No need to glue the tubing so it can be removed for flatter travelling or hanging on the coat hook in the car.