Isn't the "Bug" just an "IFO" clone?


Much credit is given to Dan Kreigh's amazing IFO ( ) for starting the 3D revolution. Its popularity and longevity is proof of its advanced design. The Bug may have a family resemblance but it really is an all new airplane, both in construction and flying qualities. The oversize elevons add to its aerobatic fortitude at all flying speeds. Here's a comparison of the Bug to the two different IFO sizes. You can see that the shape, the simplified construction methods, and the addition of rudder control make it quite different. A rudder on the "Bug" is twice as effective as a rudder that "could" be added to an IFO because it has the fuselage side area to react with. The IFO mostly yaws and skids around with a rudder. Besides, how can you "hold" a hover properly without a rudder? :)

We'll leave it to others to make the comparisons, but people who enjoy this type of simple aircraft will find something to like in them all. See the "pictures page" for more details

At first, there was an effort to distinguish the bug from the IFO with a more angular squared shape. They all fly the same, but "round is just more suitable and better looking for this type of plane. The only other one we liked is shown below (sorry, no kits for this one)